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More thoughts on the St. Louis Cardinals uniform changes

A few more thoughts about the new Cardinals alternate uniform, now that I have had a little time to digest the whole situation:

If the Cardinals were going to go a retro look in the uniforms, I would have preferred that they were a little more faithful to the team's actual vintage uniforms.

I don't think I like the way the script looks on the altered "St. Louis" of the Birds on the Bat.

In 1930 when the Cardinals used their city name on road uniforms, the script was much more elegant. The first S in St. Louis hooked over the bat the same way the C in Cardinals does on their regular uniforms. But on the old version, the capital L in Louis also looped over the bat with a loop at the top of the letter. On the new uniform, the bat is at a sharper angle than it was in the old days so the script makes the overall logo bigger and clunky. And "Louis" just sort of hangs there in the air waiting to fall down the jersey front.

Another problem is that the current logo tries to use a script S at the beginning of the cursive St. Louis... But a cursive S at the tail end of the city name. That's sort of weird.

The Phillies a few years ago opted to wear a throwback third uniform on weekends at home. Those uniforms a pretty faithful representations of uniforms the club wore in the late 1940s, complete with a royal blue cap with a red bill. They've been quite popular and have caused Philadelphia to sell a bunch of merchandise.

I still believe if the Cardinals want to wear a uniform that glorifies the past that the team shouldn't dance around the issue. Go ahead and wear the old fashioned uniform. Let's see the slung over, cartoonish Cardinals of the 1930s perched on a black -- not yellow -- bat. Of course, the cap is going to be an issue.

The Cardinals didn't permanently adopt a cap with a logo until 1940. During the Gas House Gang era of the 1930s, the Cardinals wore gray or white caps with red stripes and a red bill. I think they look cool -- in fact, I have a 1934 Cardinals cap that I like to wear to road games because fans of other teams don't realize that it's a St. Louis lid. But that's not really great for the bottom line of baseball: making money. Not many folks are going to buy a cap that doesn't have any logo or identification with the team it represents.

Still, the plan to wear a new alternate jersey that costs $300 is going to move a lot less merchandise than it would if the Birds added a vintage cap to the ensemble. By wearing the usual red cap the team has missed on a marketing opportunity. Meanwhile, the team hung on to the Sunday caps and the navy caps which it might wear twice a month under the new arrangement.

Maybe the Cardinals should have ditched the Sunday cap in favor of a using the navy cap with a red bill and red STL the team wore in the 1940s.