Cheap Seats

Why did McGwire really leave the Cardinals?

It never made sense to me that former Cardinals star Mark McGwire left St. Louis to coach closer to home.

After all, his wife is from the St. Louis are and he lived here for several years as a player. It would seem to me that this is as much of a home to him as anyplace. Especially when one considers that baseball jobs of that level are almost always somewhat temporary, I don't believe McGwire was motivated to switch jobs for the stated reasons.

Looking at the results from the 2013 Hall of Fame balloting, I wonder if McGwire wasn't really motivated to go to Los Angeles because, after plateauing and beginning to sink in the results, maybe he thought his last, slim chance to be enshrined someday was to take his reputation rehab effort to a major media market.

In St. Louis there are only a handful of writers with Hall of Fame ballots. In LA there are tons. 

It must have been discouraging for McGwire to see Barry Bonds shut out of the Hall of Fame. For some reason a lot of writers claimed that they would vote for Bonds. And if the former Pirates and Giants slugger got a plaque in Cooperstown despite his link to performance enhancing drugs, that would probably break down the door for his fellow cheaters.

McGwire's only chance to get in now is to convince writers on a much broader scale not only that he is a great guy. But he also probably would need to work his way up from hitting coach to manager of some club and then have an extremely successful second career to earn entry into the Hall.