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St. Louis Cardinals reconsidering shelving navy caps?

I wrote a while back that I would like to see the Cardinals reverse a decision to get rid of navy caps for road games.

It was announced over the winter that the team would wear the blue cap, which was it's primary hat from 1956 until 1963 and the club's road cap in 1964, only on special occasions. It would wear red for most road games in 2013.

Apparently the Redbirds are giving the idea further thought. They're polling fans about which cap they should wear on the road. As of mid-day, blue caps on the road had 42 percent of the vote, red all the time had 28 percent and wearing blue against only red teams on the road scored 17 percent.

I voted for tradition. The Cardinals have worn blue caps much more in their history than they wore red, including the navy cap with a red bill that was the team's lid from 1942-1955. I voted for history -- to keep the team's cap selection the way it was in 2012.

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