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I’m not happy with the acqusition of Moss... Yet

I’m not especially excited about the addition of Brandon Moss.

But I am trying to reserve judgment until I see what else St. Louis Cardinals GM John Mozeliak has up his sleeve.

If Moss was picked up to be a lefty power option off the bench for the playoff push, swell. If he’s The Answer at first base, that’s not so hot because of his weak average and on base percentage.

Either way, I think the Redbirds gave up too much for moss in 2013 first round draft pick Rob Kaminsky. One would think a young lefty starter would be more valuable than a struggling MLB platoon player who the Cardinals are likely to non-tender after the season.

But I would be a lot happier with the first deal being postured as a piece to help fill in for Matt Holliday than as the first base clean-up hitter.

We just don’t know yet if Adam Lind - or another big bat - is still on the table or if this is it.

On the bright side, most of the bigtime pitchers are off the trading block and none of them are calling Chicago or Pittsburgh home.

Cole Hamels went to the Texas Rangers and David Price to the Toronto Blue Jays, both comfortably out of the National League. Earlier Johnny Cueto went to the junior circuit from the Cincinnati Reds.

So it could be worse.

Still, with the news that they inked a new billion-dollar TV deal, I hope the Cardinals will be aggressive and try to fortify what has proved to be a pretty special team that has been bitten hard by the injury bug.