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Why do the Cardinals have so many leg injuries?

Maybe the folks who are steamed at the St. Louis Cardinals for not making a big trade before the non-waiver deadline are misdirecting their anger.

After all, would the team even NEED to make a big trade had it not been for a rash of muscle injuries - particularly to legs?

The whole reason the Redbirds needed a slugger at the deadline is because the third and fourth hitters in the order both suffered quad injuries. Matt Adams was lost four four months and maybe the whole season while Matt Holliday was out for a month, came back for a couple of weeks and then was allowed to play when he obviously wasn’t 100 percent. And he pulled the same muscle AGAIN!

Jaime Garcia was lost for a month to a groin injury, ace Adam Wainwright was lost to an Achilles injury.

As good as the Cardinals have been this year, how much better would they be if they could have just stayed healthy?

Why isn’t the medical staff doing more to prevent these sorts of injuries? Are the players properly stretching? Are they doing too much leg work? Too little?

It seemed like a bad joke earlier this season as Cardinals fans were forced to endure the loss of one important player after another.

It’s one thing to lose a pitcher to an elbow or shoulder issue or a fielder who breaks a bone while being hit by a pitch or by slamming into the outfield wall. But when the most-finely tuned athletes in the world routinely go down in a heap trying to run from first base to home, it raises a red flag.