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Cardinals can put a strangle hold on NL Central this week

Less than a week ago the talk of St. Louis was about whether the Cardinals were in an unrecoverable tail spin.

Suddenly, with four wins in a row, the Redbirds are again in a position to deal a major blow to their competitors and seize the National League Central crown.

It’s amazing how quickly things can change in baseball. It’s the Cardinals’ main objective at this point to make sure things don’t change again.

As the Cardinals head to Chicago to start a series against the Cubs, let’s hope they are motivated to return the favor for the Wee Bears winning two games in St. Louis.

With less than three weeks to go in the season, St. Louis can all but guarantee they’ll hold on to the division over the Cubs with two wins in Chicago. And it certainly wouldn’t hurt in their efforts to hold off the Pittsburgh Pirates who are going to face a tough series in Los Angeles against the Dodgers.

This weekend is the Cardinals’ chance to make a statement that the last time they played the Cubs and Pirates was a fluke and show the National League that they’re really the team that earned the best record in baseball, not the one that didn’t show up its last shot against its chief foes.