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Welcome back, Cardinals offense

What a relief it was to see the St. Louis Cardinals clear out the medical ward Wednesday night.

Is it a coincidence that the team had an outburst office with the return or Matt Holliday and Randal Grichuk to the starting lineup? Hardly.

Grichuk cracked a home run and Holliday hit an RBI double to take the pressure off the rest of the lineup. Meanwhile, Matt Carpenter, sporting a new clean-shaved look, hit a pair of homers to pace the St. Louis offense.

The other middle of the lineup medical patient, Matt Adams got in on the fun with a single.

As good as it was to see the offense get in gear, it was equally nice to see starting pitcher Lance Lynn, who has struggled lately, have a dominating start.

The Cardinals three-game sweep of the Cincinnati Reds could be key in their bid to win the National League Central title.

St. Louis was able to hold off the Pittsburgh Pirates, who swept the Colorado Rockies, and maintain a four-game division lead.

The success puts the Cardinals in position to pull away if they can dominate the Milwaukee Brewers while the Pirates and Chicago Cubs battle each other for second place.