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How long can Cardinals keep front office intact?

With the off-season officially underway for Major League Baseball teams, I wonder not only what the 2016 St. Louis Cardinals roster will look like.

I’m also concerned about how long the team will be able to hold together the front office widely considered to be the model for all of baseball.

The Philadelphia Phillies interviewed St. Louis director of player personnel Matt Slater for their open general manager job before opting to go in a different direction.

It’s a sign that other teams covet key front office players who have built the Redbirds into the most consistent winner in the majors over the past decade.

While the Cardinals may have dodged a bullet this time, it is inevitable that other teams will come along and offer juicy promotions St. Louis won’t be able to match. After all, there can be only one top dog in the office.

Speaking of top dogs in the office, I wonder what the Cardinals will do about the recent trend in which clubs are hiring “presidents” to be in charge of baseball operations over the traditional type general manager.

St. Louis GM John Mozeliak fills the traditional GM role, deciding who to sign, who to trade and who to release. He’s got the job description as being the top baseball man with the Redbirds. So why not give him the title? Well, there is the little matter of the fact that Bill DeWitt III has the president title already. And I can’t see principal ownert Bill DeWitt Jr. kicking his son out of the way to make room.

Does Mozeliak have aspirations to be a team president? I don’t know. But he deserves to be one of the best-paid and most powerful executives in the baseball world based on his track record.

Maybe the Cardinals can appease him with a title like CEO of baseball operations or something of the sort.

But it’s been the Cardinals’ plan the last several years to create opportunities for coaches and management to grow within the organization. So some way must be found to allow Mozeliak to grow otherwise another club is going to come along and offer him a fancy title and a fat paycheck to make the Cardinals Way the Blue Jays Way, the Yankees Way or the Mets Way.