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Former Cardinals star Pendleton passed over as Braves manager... again

It’s a shame that former St. Louis Cardinals star Terry Pendleton didn’t get a shot to manage the Atlanta Braves after skipper Fredi Gonzalez got fired Tuesday.

Pendleton, a longtime coach with Atlanta, seemed to be one of the hot managerial prospects in the game a few years ago when the Braves suddenly jumped, instead, at a chance to hire Gonzalez.

For whatever reason, Pendleton’s stock seems to have cooled since then. Now, with Gonzalez on the outs, the Braves reached past Pendleton to the organization’s Class AAA manager Brian Snitker.

It doesn’t make sense that Pendleton has fallen off the radar because he’s valued by the Braves organization as a coach and he’s a favorite of players who respect him for his on the field accomplishments including an MVP award, a batting title and three Gold Gloves.

Pendleton is also genuinely one of the nicest people in the game.

I feel bad for the guy because he’s paid his dues and deserves a chance to sit in the big chair. But if the Braves aren’t going to appreciate him for what he’s done, I’d sure like to see him back in Cardinals red.

St. Louis would benefit from having his experience in the dugout. Especially if Jose Oquendo departs as the major league club’s in-house fielding guru as expected.

I don’t know how that move would affect the Cardinals clubhouse, however. In the age of social media, it might cause a volatile situation to put a guy who is a managerial prospect over skipper Mike Matheny’s shoulder.

Some folks gripe for Matheny’s ouster ever time a game -- or in some cases, a play -- doesn’t work out. If there was a suitable -- or even plausible -- alternative in house it could only make things worse.