St. Louis Rams

‘Buh bye, buh bye’: Rams fans sound off on Facebook

The Rams owner won his fight Tuesday to move the team to Los Angeles.
The Rams owner won his fight Tuesday to move the team to Los Angeles. AP file photo

NFL owners voted Tuesday night in favor of Stan Kroenke’s $1.8 billion stadium in Inglewood, Calif., thus clearing the way for him to uproot the St. Louis Rams and take them back to Southern California.

BND readers started sharing their reactions almost as soon as the coverage hit the web site and social media. Here’s a sample of some of the most representative sentiments shared by BND readers on Facebook:

"It's pretty sad that a 20-year-old domed stadium isn't good enough anymore." J Thomas Gaffney

"The loser is also the NFL fans from around here who now have a 4hr drive 1way to watch a game." Dave Tonneas Johnson

"Buh bye, buh bye now. Don't let the Arch hit ya where the good Lord split ya on the way out!!" Julia Bair

"BYE RAMS! Spend the $$$$$$$$ to rebuild STL!!!" Laura Ann Rosenkranz

"Belleville is in Illinois, Chicago is in Illinois, St. Louis is in Missouri. Easy. #DaBears" John Beard

"Hate to see a team leave a city even if I dont care for the team.. Some may not care, but there's always die-hard fans to think about. Been through it myself when the Houston Oilers left Houston." Casey KC Anderson

"LA has never managed to support an NFL team, and face it, the Rams aren't anything to be excited about. Karma will catch up with Kroenke and the NFL when they lose their shirt on their new $1.8 billion white elephant." Lance Edward Geiger

"The only people I feel sorry for are the people who relied on the Ram for a paycheck in St. Louis ..." Edward Peery

"I am really glad thank goodness these bums won't be on the local channel every weekend now I can watch the bears in stead of info commercials.." Michael Cochran

"Can we have an aquarium now with all the money saved by not building the Rams a new stadium?" Heather Kay

"I'm very sad that I no longer have a football team to cheer for. I'm very angry at Stan Kroenke for what he did to the community. I'm happy for the Los Angeles Rams fans who are getting their team back who they didn't want to leave two decades ago. I'm hopeful that St. Louis will get another team very soon owned by someone who is proud to have a team play in the city. Whether that is an expansion team, or another team relocating. I will be watching Shad Khan very closely from here on out." Sam Banks

"I've never been a big football fan, but still bought and wore Rams merchandise... Good riddance to this rubbish... (Kroenke).. Don't come back. St. Louis has the best fans in the world! I feel for the workers who now have no job." Nancy Wilson

"Using that building 365 days a year for metro attractions, meetings, conventions will eventually prove to be more beneficial to the city, people can't see it now, but business minds know this." JoAnn Duncan

"Hello KC Chiefs!" Aimee-Michelle Hawn Gower

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