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New seafood restaurant changes name, ownership before opening in Fairview Heights

The road to opening day hasn’t been easy, but the former home of Joe’s Crab Shack in Fairview Heights is still expected to become a new seafood restaurant.

The new restaurant, briefly known as Juicy Crab, will reopen has “Jack Crab” at the end of month with a new sign out front and new owners at the helm. It is located at 51 Ludwig Drive.

Will and Joanna Chan took over in December after Jack Chan, a first-time business owner from New York, backed out of the business.

“It’s a long story,” Jack Chan said when asked about the change in ownership before opening.

Jack Chan intended to open the restaurant as Juicy Crab, but after a number of mishaps with his sign and the threat of legal action from a Georgia company with the same name, he gave up.

Will and Joanna Chan hope to open the restaurant at the end of January after passing health department inspections.

Joanna said the restaurant is named after Jack Chan who renovated and reimagined the space.

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