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Police say two girls involved with Fairview Heights park vandalism

Two girls have been identified as suspects involved in a string of vandalism near Moody Park over the weekend, Fairview Heights police said Wednesday.

In a news release, police said investigators were able to identify the girls from evidence recovered from the crime scene. The vandalism took place overnight on Saturday and was found by a Fairview Heights Parks and Recreation Department worker on Sunday morning. Among the places that was tagged with a “13” in black spray paint were some women’s bathrooms at the Miracle League baseball field. The field, which is used to host baseball games for children of all abilities, was not damaged.

Officers also found similar graffiti in the nearby Brittany Estates neighborhood where graffiti was found on the sliding and garage doors of a few residences. Stop signs and other signs along the road at the intersection of Union Hill Road at Longacre Drive also were tagged with “13.” A utility pole at the intersection of Liberty and McKnight also was tagged with a “13.” Officers took 10 reports for criminal defacement of property.

“Due to the suspects being juveniles, we are limited in the information that can be disseminated,” the release said.

Police said their investigation into the incident is ongoing. Anyone with information regarding the case should contact Fairview Heights Police at 618-489-2130.