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These are the people you can vote for in April

Belleville mayor and other candidates petition for election

Candidates seeking mayor and other Belleville, IL, city offices were in line Monday morning to file as candidates. The city election is April 4. Incumbent Mayor Mark Eckert filed his candidate petitions and is being challenged for mayor by current
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Candidates seeking mayor and other Belleville, IL, city offices were in line Monday morning to file as candidates. The city election is April 4. Incumbent Mayor Mark Eckert filed his candidate petitions and is being challenged for mayor by current

The filing period for candidates for local offices across the metro-east in the April 4 election ended at 5 p.m. Monday.

Hundreds of people filed beginning last Monday, Dec. 12, for openings that included municipal, school board and township offices

Here’s a roundup of candidates who filed for key municipal seats. A list of candidates for other offices will be published at a later date.


▪  Mayor: Dallas Cook and Mark Eckert, incumbent

▪  City clerk: Libby Barbeau, Aunyé Mabry, and Jennifer Gain Meyer

▪  Treasurer: Dean Hardt, incumbent; and Ryan Moore

▪  Ward 1: Ken Kinsella, incumbent; Lillian Schneider

▪  Ward 2: Jane Pusa, incumbent

▪  Ward 3: Van “Scott” Ferguson and Kent Randle, incumbent

▪  Ward 4: Johnnie Anthony, incumbent

▪  Ward 5: Michael Hagberg, Michelle “Shelly” Schaefer and Suzanne Whitehead

▪  Ward 6: Mary G. Stiehl, Ryan J. Wamser and Bob White, incumbent

▪ Ward 7: Trent Galetti, incumbent; and Dennis Weygandt

▪ Ward 8: Roger Barfield and Patrick Spivey


▪  District 3: Jerry Nichols, incumbent; and Fallon Nolden.

▪  District 4: Christina Walker and Rhonda Wofford, incumbent.

▪  District 6: Quentin Askew, Gloria McCoy, and Phyllis Pearson, incumbent.


▪  Mayor: Leonard Black, incumbent; G.W. Scott and Ron Tamburello

▪  Clerk: Lola Cline and Lucille Skibinski

▪ Trustee, for three seats: Wally Abernathy, incumbent; Anthony Alvarez, Rick Casey, Kent Luebbers, Rob Watt and Brenda Williams, incumbent


▪  City Council, two seats open: Donna Green; Chris Huckins; David Jerome; Jeff Kypta, incumbent; and Nancy Moss, incumbent


▪  Mayor: Kevin Hutchinson, incumbent

▪  City clerk: Wesley J. Hoeffen, incumbent

▪  Ward 1: James Agne, incumbent

▪  Ward 2: Mark Roessler, incumbent

▪  Ward 3: Eugene “Gene” J. Ebersohl

▪  Ward 4: Mary Ellen Niemietz, incumbent

East St. Louis

▪  City Council members, for two seats: June Hamilton Dean, incumbent; Robert Eastern III, incumbent; Derrick Maxwell Sr.; Roy A. Mickens; Charles Powell III and Lorena Riley


▪  Mayor: Hal Patton, incumbent

▪  City clerk: Dennis W. McCracken, incumbent

▪ Ward 2: Jack Burns

▪  Ward 4: Jeanette Mallon, incumbent; and SJ Morrison

▪  Ward 6: Craig Louer, incumbent

Fairview Heights

▪  Ward 1: Tamara Crawford, Joshua M. Frawley and Corey Sudja

▪  Ward 2: Matthew Casper-Bassler, Ryan R. Vickers and John Vitale

▪  Ward 3: Pat Baeske, incumbent

▪  Ward 4: Patricia L. Peck, incumbent

▪  Ward 5: Denise Williams, incumbent


▪  Mayor: Seth Speiser, incumbent

▪  Village clerk: Jerry Menard, incumbent

▪  Trustee: Denise Albers, incumbent; Dean Pruett, incumbent; and Matt Trout, incumbent

Glen Carbon

▪  Mayor: Rob Jackstadt, incumbent; and Steven Slemer

▪  Village Clerk: None

▪  Trustees, for three seats: Walter Harris, Ben Maliszewski and Mary Beth Williams, incumbent

Granite City

▪  Mayor: Arthur Asadorian and Ed Hagnauer, incumbent

▪  City clerk: Judy Whitaker, incumbent

▪  City treasurer: Gail Valle, incumbent

▪  Ward 1: Brynn Kincheloe and Gerald Williams, incumbent

▪  Ward 2: Walmer William Schmidtke, incumbent

▪  Ward 3: Dan McDowell, incumbent; and Nick Raftopoulos

▪  Ward 4: Paul Jackstadt, incumbent

▪  Ward 5: Gregg Austin, Kim Benda


▪  Mayor: Joseph Michaelis, incumbent

▪  City Clerk: Barbara Bellm, incumbent

▪  City Treasurer: Dennis Foehner, incumbent

▪  City Council members, for two seats: Peggy Bellm, incumbent; and Rick Frey, incumbent


▪  Mayor: Craig Short

▪  Trustees, for three open seats: Julie Clark, Chris Guy, Gary Kee and Ed Kostyshock, incumbent


▪  Mayor: Gerald Daugherty, incumbent

▪  City Council members, for two open seats: Michael Baker, Walter “Wally” Battas, Davidss Bowden II, Richard Fuess II, Pat McMahan, incumbent.

(Note: The deadline to file in Mascoutah was Nov. 28. James Saffel Sr. had filed to run for council member, but was not certified to be on the ballot because he failed to file a receipt for his Statement of Economic Interest, said City Clerk Kari Haas.)


▪  Mayor: Michael Todd, incumbent

▪  Clerk: Christine Pipik, incumbent

▪  Trustees, for three open seats: Michael French, incumbent; Al Lehr, incumbent; and Mark Todd, incumbent;


▪  Mayor: Phil Goodwin and Herb Roach

▪  City clerk: Jude J. Hopper, Sr., and Jerry Mouser

▪  Treasurer: David Hursey, incumbent

▪  Ward 1: Ross Rosenberg and Dennis Muyleart

▪  Ward 2: Jerry Albrecht, incumbent; and Mark Riley

▪  Ward 3: Matthew Gilreath, incumbent; and Vern Malare

▪  Ward 4: Lisa Harley, Nathan Hubbard and Mark Morton

▪  Ward 5 (Four-year term): Courtney Marsh, incumbent

▪  Ward 5 (Two-year term): Chris Hursey, incumbent; and Andrew Lopinot

▪  Ward 6: Ray Holden, incumbent

▪  Ward 7: Jon S. Burgmann, Thomas Mitchell, Robert Murray and Dan Witt


▪  Mayor: Jerry Northway and Jim Vernier, incumbent

▪  Trustees, for three seats: Kenny Bouas, Mark Herrmann, Tina Warchol, incumbent; and Robert Weilmuenster, incumbent


▪  Mayor: Michael W. Leopold and Kenneth S. Mueller, incumbent

▪  Village clerk: Lauren O’Neill, incumbent; and Tracy Dahm Thieken

▪  Village treasurer: John M. Walter

▪  Trustees, for three seats: Frank Bell; John Deckard; Daniel P. Guest; Albert Hampton; Matthew R. Lanter, incumbent; Richard “Rocky” McDonald; Jeff Parker; and Brian L. Wells, incumbent


▪  Mayor: Allen Adomite, incumbent; Ralph Clemings; John “Jack” Haggard

▪  Treasurer: David Roady, incumbent

▪  Clerk: Jamie Myers, incumbent; Kristine Scovill

▪  Alderman Ward 1: Matt Thompson

▪  Alderman Ward 2: Sam Italiano, incumbent

▪  Alderman Ward 3: James Daniel and James DeCarli, incumbent

▪  Alderman Ward 4: Tim Greenfield, incumbent; and Nathan Henderson


▪  Ward 1: Russell Thomas, incumbent

▪  Ward 2: James Trantham and Emily Whelan

▪  Ward 3: Kyle Buettner

▪  Ward 4: Russell Row Jr.