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This is what you’d have found on Hodgkinson’s Facebook page – before it was taken down

From Mr. Sulu to #feelthebern, James T. Hodgkinson had an eclectic social media presence with little indication of what was to come.

Hodgkinson, of Belleville, was identified as the shooter at the Congressional baseball game practice in Alexandria, Va., on Wednesday. His page was taken down by Facebook on Wednesday afternoon, but the postings were captured by McClatchy’s Washington Bureau before that point.

In one Facebook post, he wrote that it was “time to destroy Trump & Co.” Many of his Facebook posts involved politics and were critical of Republicans.

He was more active on Facebook than on Twitter. On Twitter, he put out seven tweets and followed 40 other Twitter accounts — including those of actor and filmmaker Rob Reiner and left-leaning media personalities Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell and Ed Schultz.

One of the tweets he liked was by George Takei, who played Mr. Sulu in the Star Trek TV series. Takei wrote in the tweet: “Let us all pledge today not to let Trump bomb his way to popularity, or to let a foreign conflict distract from our ongoing investigations.”

Almost all of Hodgkinson’s posts and likes on social media involved politics, though he did like one tweet by the Los Angeles Lakers about Kobe Bryant scoring 60 points in a game.

Following is a compilation of Hodgkinson’s most recent Facebook and Twitter posts:

▪ May 24, shared a link to a petition from to stop the Nexus pipeline.

▪ May 21, shared a link to a petition from to have Congress launch an independent investigation.

▪ March 22, wrote “Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.” Linked with a petition to impeach the President and Vice President for treason.

▪ Jan. 28, linked to “Healthcare for All Americans” petition from

▪ Dec. 31, 2016, marked his location as Belleville, Ill., and that he left his job at JTH Inspections, which he owned.

▪ Dec. 25, 2016, wrote “We Don’t Need or Deserve a Billionaire for President. There will Always be a Conflict of Interest. Millionaires are Bad Enough.” Linked with a petition to a presidential accountability act.

▪ Dec. 24, 2016, updated his cover photo.

▪ Aug. 12, 2016, wrote “I want Bernie to Win the White House.” Linked with a petition for Bernie Sanders to join the Green Party.

▪ Aug. 9, 2016, wrote “Bernie is a Progressive, while Hillary is Republican Lite.” Linked with petition for Hillary Clinton to concede nomination to Bernie Sanders.

▪ July 25, 2017, shared a link with descriptive text of: #screamasone #nevervotingHill You’ve been warned DNC. I will NEVER vote Hillary. A nomination for Hillary equals a win for Trump. #NOTwithher.

▪ June 13, 2016, wrote “Bernie is the Only Candidate in Decades that Really Cares about the Working Class.” Linked with petition asking Bernie Sanders to run “no matter what.”

▪ April 27, 2016, shared a petition asking for an investigation into Hillary Clinton and DNC for election fraud.

▪ April 8, 2016, shared a petition asking for more media coverage of Bernie Sanders.

▪ March 18, 2016, wrote “Bernie is a Candidate of a Lifetime. We Need Bernie in the White House. Bernie is the Only Candidate Talking about the Issues.” Linked with petition for media recognition of Bernie Sanders.

▪ March 25, 2016, updated his profile photo.

▪ March 14, 2016, updated his profile photo.

▪ Feb. 24, 2016, wrote “This Thought is Frightening... Trump & or Cheney...” Linked to a Feb. 19, 2016, cartoon by Tom Toles from GoComics.

▪ Feb. 24, 2016, wrote “Hillary is a Little Off-Putting...She’s Really a Republican in a Democratic Pant Suit!!!” Linked to a Feb. 19, 2016, cartoon by Joel Pett from GoComics.

▪ Feb. 21, 2016, shared a link about Nestlé and the Great Lakes.

▪ Feb. 13, 2016, wrote “You tell Em Marco...” Linked to a Feb. 11, 2016, cartoon by Steve Benson from GoComics.

▪ Feb. 13, 2016, wrote “And They Slink Into the Sunset...” Linked to a Feb. 12, 2016, cartoon by Jim Morin from GoComics.

Tweets by Hodgkinson, @JTHInspections

Hodgkinson followed 40 people on his account, including Rachel Maddow, Rob Reiner and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Some of his tweets:

Some tweets that Hodgkinson liked