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Mascoutah’s city manager gets 18 months of court supervision after pleading guilty to DUI

Mascoutah’s city manager was found guilty Friday of driving under the influence in May and was sentenced to 18 months of supervision.

Cody Hawkins was pulled over by Illinois State Police in May in Sangamon County for improper lane usage, and officers found him to be intoxicated.

Mayor Jerry Daughertry said Hawkins returned work Monday, after he and city officials came to an agreement on his return to office. As long as he meets the conditions of the agreement, Daugherty said, “everything’s normal.”

Daughtery said he couldn’t elaborate on the details of the agreement, other than saying it does not address Hawkins’ tenure or his termination.

Hawkins told the Mascoutah Herald that he wanted to apologize for the DUI and thank the residents and city staff for their support and understanding. He said he let stress get the best of him, and he “failed and made a mistake.”

Hawkins’ three other charges — improper traffic lane usage, having an expired registration and transporting/carrying alcohol — were all dismissed. Other than supervision, Hawkins will have to pay court fees and the cost of the DUI supervision.

Supervision is a less strict sentence than probation; the only requirement is that Hawkins has to avoid being arrested again during the next 18 months.