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Lucky enough to be in a jury room with Barack? No selfies, please.

Barack Obama may be in court Wednesday.

The Cook County resident and 44th president is reporting for jury duty at the Daley Center, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Prospective jurors are allowed to bring their cell phones into the assembly area, but don’t expect many selfies with No. 44.

The Today Show reports that his opening remarks at the Obama Foundation Summit included, “for Michelle and myself, no selfies.”

“Blocking yourself from having a conversation or seeing somebody and recognizing them and listening to them because you are so busy trying to get a picture ... then you are, I think, in some ways, contributing to what separates us rather than trying to break through,” he said.

If picked for jury duty, jurors are paid $17.20 a day for their service, reports ABC-7 News. That includes the former president.