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Her rental house was shot up overnight with her kids inside. ‘I can’t stay here anymore.’

The rental home of East St. Louis resident Danielle Williams was riddled with bullets early Tuesday.
The rental home of East St. Louis resident Danielle Williams was riddled with bullets early Tuesday.

An East St. Louis mother of four was devastated when her 15-year-old daughter called her just before 3 a.m. Tuesday to tell her someone was breaking into her rental home.

Danielle Williams said she has two jobs and was at work when her frightened daughter called her.

“... My daughter called me and said somebody was breaking in the house,” Williams said. “I can’t stay here anymore. I can’t sleep here. I haven’t been to sleep at all.”

What the 15-year-old thought were sounds of someone breaking into the home were actually bullets flying all over the front windows and screen door of the house at 2735 McCasland Ave.

East St. Louis Police Chief Jerry Simon said no arrests have been made but an investigation is ongoing.

“My 9-year-old was sleeping on the floor,” Williams said. “The fan fell over. She thought she knocked it over. She tried to sit it up. It wouldn’t work. There was a bullet in the fan. They shot out the front windows and the glass in the front screen door.

“My baby heard gunshots at the back window. She rolled until she reached the steps, then, she ran up the steps.”

Meanwhile, Williams said she told her cousin that someone was breaking into her house and she needed to get home.

“This is just crazy,” she exclaimed loudly. ”Just crazy. I can’t believe this. I have a beautiful home.”

Several trucks and cars were parked in the front yard Tuesday evening while several men loaded them up with Williams’ belongings.

She said the home has been attacked before.

“Somebody broke into my house Dec. 14, 2017, right before Christmas,” Williams said. “They took clothes, shoes and the TV. They left the bed and furniture. They took all of the Christmas gifts and everything. I had to rebuild this house and then for someone to do this.

“It’s too much for me. It’s time for me to get up out of here.”

She said her children are 15, 14, 9, an 7. and they are very precious to her. She thanked God that they were not harmed. Asked whether she knew of anyone who wanted to harm her, Williams said she does not.

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