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That unmarked school bus in East Alton had markings after all, police say

A report that an unmarked bus tried to pick up students in East Alton is unfounded, police said.

East Alton police had released a photo of a yellow school bus with no apparent markings identifying its district. The missing markings, however, were due to the poor quality of the image, police now say.

“Through comparison photos captured by a neighboring resident’s surveillance system, it was determined that the bus does have markings, however were not visible due to the pixelated photo,” the police department said.

The bus went through the area of South Circle near Westwood Place on Thursday.

After speaking with multiple bus drivers, it was determined a bus does go in the area. There was a student at the location, and the bus stays for two to three minutes before leaving, East Alton Police said in a news release.

School buses from Eastwood Elementary/East Alton Middle School, East Alton/Wood River High School, Lewis and Clark Jr. High/Elementary and Roxana High School/Elementary all have routes in the area.

“All buses observed both on the streets and at the bus shed have markings identifying them as belonging to their respective school districts, however some of the bus markings may be more distinct than others,” the police said.

On Monday morning, both East Alton and Wood River police saturated the area between 7:05 and 7:30 a.m. to investigate the case.

“Though this specific incident is considered unfounded, please talk to your children in regards to paying attention to their surroundings as the original complainant did,” police said.