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Police: Loose bull in East St. Louis still not located

Illinois State Police troopers looking for a loose bull last seen in East St. Louis Friday say it still had not been located as of mid-morning Saturday.

According to Illinois State Police Trooper Calvin Dye Jr., two bulls escaped from a pasture in Caseyville and made their way toward Interstate 64, where motorists reported seeing them near the Illinois 157 interchange shortly after 3 p.m.

Dye said one of the bulls began running at full speed eastbound in I-64’s westbound lanes, charging at cars and also at responding troopers. He said troopers eventually shot the 1,000-pound bull to death so that it wouldn’t damage vehicles or injure motorists. Dye said the second bull, a 750-pounder that also has horns, also was shot two to three times by troopers but continued into East St. Louis, leading troopers on a foot chase that lasted more than three hours.

Motorists initially told troopers the bulls had somehow managed to escape from a moving trailer, but Dye said troopers confirmed the bulls were missing from the Caseyville pasture. He said a truck hauling a cattle trailer happened to be on the interstate at the same time motorists noticed the livestock.

The second bull was still loose somewhere in East St. Louis when troopers suspended their search at 6:40 p.m. Dye said ISP’s search airplane was activated and assisted troopers from the air for two hours as they looked for the animal that was last seen in a wooded area of 15th and Lynch streets.

At mid-morning Saturday, ISP dispatchers said there had not been any reports of the loose bull being sighted.

“This could very easily have been a disaster for any vehicles or people in the vicinity at the time the bull was on the loose on the highway,” Dye said. He said the bulls’ owner was issued a citation for failure to confine livestock. He did not release the owner’s name or give a specific address.

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