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Grantfork and Alhambra news includes events, anniversaries and birthdays

SIUE fourth-year dental student Josh Pogue (right) assists dentist Bethel Buerk as they work on a patient at the free dental clinic.
SIUE fourth-year dental student Josh Pogue (right) assists dentist Bethel Buerk as they work on a patient at the free dental clinic.

Alhambra News

Free Dental Care

There will be a free Dental Clinic on the campus of SIU Dental School in Alton for children ages 3-13. The clinic will be on Monday, October 8, 2018, (Columbus Day) Registration for the event will be on Oct. 8, 2018 from 7:30a.m.-12:00 p.m. in the Campus Gym.

In order to be eligible for free dental children must be enrolled in the free lunch program at their school and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Developmental Screening for 3 and 4 year Old Children

The School District offers free screening for children 3 and 4 years old to decide what they need to work on in order to be ready for school when they are 5.

Parents that would like to have their child tested may make an appointment with Mary Korte at Highland Primary, 618-654-2017, etc.2001 to be put on the screening list. Register now for the September Screening.

Free Flu Shot October 8, 2018

Register now to receive a free flu shot compliments of Alhambra Township Board. Shots will be given on Monday, October 8, 2018 from 2:30-6:30 at the Firemen Legion Hall at the Township Park.

Call Freddie 618-488-7603 to register for the shot. Preregistration forms may be filled out at the Bank and at AG Telephone Co. A curbside service is available for anyone that would find it a hardship to walk into the building. Please tell Freddie when registering if this is needed.

Special Occasions

Anniversaries: Happy anniversary everyone.

September 12: Vernon and Linda Uhe, Matt and Laura Collmann, Keith and Jessica Iberg, and Bryan and Kris Rutz.

September 13: Jason and Lisa Schutz.

September 14: Ed and Jeana Craft, Jim and Dawna Mize.

September 16: Cory and Tanya Carroll.

Birthdays: Happy birthday everyone.

September 12: Fayette Frandsen and Kendall Brink.

September 14: Jerald Zeller, Hope Washburn, Sherry McKinley.

September 15: June Ramsland, Elizabeth Field and Briana Knackstedt.

September 16: Julie Beaver, Gene Hosto.

September 17: Richard Hosto , Clinton Conrad, Corbyn Boxell.

September 18: Jason Beaver, Tara Schuster, Annabeth Eilers and Johnna Ernst.

September 19: Wilma Blom and Olin Zweck.

Grantfork News

St. Gertrude’ s Catholic Church

The first week of PSR will begin on Wednesday, September 12.

Grantfork Historical Society Fall Festival

The Grantfork Historical Society will host a Fall Festival on Sunday, October 14 on the grounds of St. Gertrude’s Church. Plans are being made for the festival and will be reported when finalized.

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