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Mayor: New homes, roads, businesses, police chief all in the works for Shiloh

Shiloh Mayor Jim Vernier gives his “State of the Village” address during the O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce Member Luncheon on Wednesday, Aug. 9 at Klucker Hall in Shiloh.
Shiloh Mayor Jim Vernier gives his “State of the Village” address during the O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce Member Luncheon on Wednesday, Aug. 9 at Klucker Hall in Shiloh. clibbra@bnd.com

Shiloh residents can expect to see a new police chief soon, as well as ground breaking on the village’s its first new residential development in a decade and the extension of Frank Scott Parkway, Shiloh Mayor Jim Vernier said during his “State of the Village” address.

Vernier was the keynote speaker during the O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce Member Luncheon, which was held on Wednesday, Aug. 9 at Klucker Hall in Shiloh.

Verneir said residents could expect to see construction and growth in all areas — residential, commercial and civic improvement — in the next year.

Commercial development


Three Springs at Shiloh Lake has improvements coming.

Dierbergs Markets Inc., parent company to Shiloh One LLC, is looking to start reeling in possible tenants for the 115-acre development at the corner of Frank Scott Parkway West and Green Mount Road in Shiloh.

“The owners of Dierbergs tell us that next year they will be coming to us with a plan to develop that project,” Vernier said.

Vernier said Dierbergs was also recently able to acquire that a parcel near the development from the “lone holdout landowner.”

“They have recently settled, and that property will be closing soon, and Dierbergs will own it. And that will help in the future when Green Mount Road is widened. I won’t go into the details, but that’s all good news,” Vernier said.

Memorial Hospital

Memorial Hospital East turned one year old in April. In its first year, there were more than 1,000 babies born at the new, 94-bed facility on Cross Street.

“That’s amazing to me, and I’m sure it’s several hundred more now,” Vernier said.

The hospital has 500 full-time employees and 100 support staff. The new medical office building that is currently under construction next door to the hospital will have jobs for another 200 support staff.

The $25-million 70,500-square-foot medical office building is expected to open in the fall and will provide office space for primary care physicians and physician specialists as well as offer imaging, laboratory and physical/occupational and speech therapy services.

VA Clinic

Ground is expected to be broken in September on a new facility at 1190 Fortune Blvd., which will be replacing the Belleville Community Based Outpatient Clinic.

“It will be a state-of-the-art facility for the veterans in our area,” Vernier said.

Midwest Cyber Center

The business recently opened near the Shiloh Gate to Scott Air Force Base.

“They call it a hacking lab — believe it or not — and civilians are invited to go down there to try your luck on hacking into computer systems,” Vernier said. “It’s a training facility. They are going to work closely with the Department of Defense at Scott. I hope to see more of these facilities in our area, because it’s the future, and certainly, it can provide more jobs for us.”


Auffenberg Dealer Group will be relocating from O’Fallon to Shiloh with a $40 million project to develop a 36-acre lot on the corner of Frank Scott Parkway and Fortune Boulevard.

Ground should be broken sometime next summer on the new auto complex, Vernier said.

“I’m sorry for O’Fallon’s loss, but I’m glad that they are coming to Shiloh and not going farther west or farther east. They needed to relocate their facility,” Vernier said. “They were told by two of their major dealerships that they had to expand, and two of those dealerships need to double in size, and unfortunately, the land area that they had there (in O’Fallon) could not accommodate it. So they are coming to Shiloh.”

And the project could be even larger than initially thought.

“They are also going to acquire, I’m told, a couple of more dealerships from somewhere in the area, and we may see six to eight new car dealerships,” Vernier said.

Holiday Inn

Vernier said the village learned on Tuesday, Aug. 6 that the Holiday Inn, located at 3396 Green Mount Crossing Drive, is going to have new owners.

“Once they acquire it, they are going to spend $2.5 million renovating the Holiday Inn,” he said.

Residential development

Summit of Shiloh

Ground will be broken in the next two to three weeks on the Summit of Shiloh subdivision, Vernier said.

“That will be our first new residential subdivision in probably over 10 years,” Vernier said.

The Summit of Shiloh will be located 169 acres of rolling hills along Lebanon Avenue, widely referred to as the Heitman farm tract.

The subdivision will have about 300 lots that will be 12,500 square feet and more than 100 1  1/2 -acre lots, Vernier said.

“They are going to have a pool facility that will accommodate 150 patrons in the pool and a very large clubhouse and meeting room that — if you are a member of the community — you will be able to use it for parties, baby showers, whatever. We are really excited to see it,” Vernier said.

Multi-family projects

The village of currently considering approval for two large apartment complexes within a mile of Memorial Hospital East.

“The Savannah” and “The Retreat at Shiloh” are both large, up-scale, multi-family apartment complexes. Between the two, they would offer about 600 individual units.

“These two projects combined are about an $80 million investment in our community,” Vernier said.

The Planning Commission is still considering the developers’ proposals. Some residents have objected to the idea of more multi-family housing in the village, citing concerns of property value, public safety and impact on schools.

“The rents would start at $1,000, $1,100 and would go over $2,000 a month. So, certainly, the people who are going to live there are going to be first-caliber. They’ll be working at our hospitals. They’ll be working at Scott Air Force Base. If the projects are approved, I don’t think it’s going to be a bad thing for Shiloh,” Vernier said.

Civic news

New police chief

Vernier said he hopes to announce at the Village Board meeting in September the hiring of a new police chief.

“We have a candidate chosen. We are negotiating right now, and I think everyone will be happy when they find out who it is,” he said.

New municipal building

At its August meeting, the Shiloh Village Board approved an architect to update the village’s space needs analysis, the fist step toward creating and new joint village hall/police station building.

“I don’t know when we will be breaking ground, but I do expect that will be occurring next summer, sometime,” Vernier said.


Vernier said he hopes to see the Frank Scott Parkway extension under construction by June 2018.

“We just received word the other day from the final two property owners for the last parcels that had to be acquired, that they have signed the documents in California and forwarded those documents back to the St. Clair County Highway Department.

The project will extend Frank Scott Parkway approximately three miles. The new road would run from Cross Street in Shiloh, cross Main Street, and extend to Maple Street, which intersects with Air Mobility Drive, also known as Illinois 158.

Frank Scott Parkway is in St. Clair County’s jurisdiction, not the village’s. But the county has had trouble securing land from a handful of property owners who have been holding out for more money since 2008, when their properties were first appraised. In February, the village agreed to pay $38,200 to help appease last holdout owners to give the price they were asking for their land.

The county has already engaged an engineer to finalize plans for the new road.

“It’s going to be a huge relief for both Shiloh, and I think O’Fallon as well on Highway 50. Our community residents here I know will use Frank Scott Parkway extension to take some to the pressure off the other roads.

Making Frank Scott Parkway from Green Mount Road to Illinois Route 159 five lanes is work that is “badly needed,” Vernier said.

Work is currently being done to finish the improvements to the intersections, which should be done in a few more months, Vernier said, with construction on creating five lanes along the stretch to begin in the fall of 2018.

“It will be sometime before you see it extended further, I’m told,” Vernier said.