Police officer shot by handcuffed suspect inside squad car

An Arnold police officer was in surgery and the man suspecting of shooting him is dead after an altercation in Arnold, Missouri.

Officer Ryan O’Conner, 44, was shot in the head by a burglary suspect, according to KMOX. He was in surgery Tuesday at St. Anthony’s Medical Center.

The suspect, Chad Klahs, was also shot in the head and died of his injuries, according to police. The shooting took place at about 12:30 p.m. following a burglary report in a residential area.

According to news reports, Klahs was taken into custody and a gun had been confiscated from him at the time, but he allegedly had another gun in his possession and shot O’Conner from behind, inside the squad car, while handcuffed.

It was not immediately known whether Klahs’ wound was self-inflicted, according to police.

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