Man suspected in fatal Cahokia shooting is released by police

The man taken into police custody in connection with Wednesday’s shooting death of a Cahokia man has been released.

Cortez McCray, 24, was shot in the driveway of his residence at 736 St. Nicholas Drive and pronounced dead at the scene by St. Clair County Coroner Calvin Dye at 7:38 a.m.

Cahokia Police Chief Dave Landmann confirmed that a second man was taken into custody but stopped short of identifying him as the shooter. Thursday, Police Capt. Dennis Plew said the man was released on the possibility he shot in self-defense.

Landmann had said the shooting “appears to be personal.” Members of both of the men’s families soon after began a shouting match across the street as investigators processed the scene.

Police backup arrived to prevent the exchange from escalating. Deputy coroner Danny Haskenhoff donned a bullet-proof vest.

McCray’s mother, Kutanna Moore, said she was with her son at her East St. Louis home until 2 a.m. Tuesday. McCray was the oldest of her seven children.

“I’m just numb, very shook up,” she said. “My son was not a bad boy. He didn’t have an outstanding police record. He was a real mild-mannered person, a lot of people liked him. He was very respectful. Some people were even jealous of him because he had a lot of pride and clout. He was very friendly.”