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Daiber to announce candidacy for Madison County chair, says controversies motivated his decision

The race for Madison County Board chairman is set to begin Thursday.

Democrat Robert Daiber is expected to announce his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for Madison County Board chairman Thursday.

He is scheduled to make the announcement in Collinsville at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 309 at 11 a.m. to members of the labor force, Democratic officials, stakeholders and township chairmen.

The many ongoing controversies between members of the Madison County Board and county administration played a key part in his decision to run, Daiber said Wednesday.

“I’ve observed some of the controversies that continue to go on in the county administration,” Daiber said. “This controversy needs to an end, it’s been ongoing for three years and I don’t think its good government.”

Daiber said he hopes to bring Madison County government together to better serve its constituents. He said controversies like current County Board Chairman Kurt Prenzler comparing Auditor Rick Faccin to the terrorist group ISIS are harming the county.

“This kind of stuff is not good,” he said. “Government officials need to work together for the good of residents and that’s what I intend to do.”

He added that he wants to work on the region’s infrastructure with legislators in Springfield and the federal government, plans to herald mental health issues and the fight against the opioid crisis that he said is “plaguing” Madison County.

Daiber, a resident of Marine and Madison County’s Regional Superintendent of Schools, previously sought the Democratic nomination for governor in 2018.

Prenzler, a Republican, was elected in 2016.

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