Should you call the cops? Better safe than sorry.

Turns out that the man seen measuring a house in O’Fallon — whose actions prompted a call to police — was a legitimate home inspector.

Police say the man was hired by the homeowner’s insurance company, which wanted an inspection following the recent purchase of the home.

O’Fallon police say the homeowner, who wasn’t aware that an inspector had been hired, did the right thing in contacting them.

“The lesson is, better safe than sorry,” Sgt. Eric Andrew said.

It’s a sad commentary on society when we have to worry that a man wearing a bright yellow work shirt, carrying a clipboard and a measuring wheel, might be up to no good. But it’s true that criminals are getting more creative and bold — committing burglaries in broad daylight, stealing people’s identities and pulling off all kinds of scams on the internet.

The O’Fallon case is a reminder that we need to be vigilant — for ourselves and for our neighbors and relatives.

If you see a strange vehicle at your neighbor’s driveway or someone walking around your neighbor’s house, jot down the license plate or call the police. Check in on your neighbors and your relatives from time to time. It’s especially important during these hot summer days.

Better safe than sorry.