Andy Reid said he misspoke about investigation in his last comments about Tyreek Hill

Chiefs coach Andy Reid didn’t wait to be asked about Tyreek Hill on Thursday after the conclusion of minicamp.

Reid said he misspoke to reporters the last time he addressed Hill, who is suspended by the team.

“I’m not going to talk about Tyreek today,” Reid said. “The last time I opened my mouth I stuck my foot in it and said the case wasn’t closed. It put the D.A. in a bind. I’m not going there today. I don’t have anything further to say.”

On April 26, at a news conference to introduce defensive end Frank Clark, Reid said, “I think you understand that the case has been reopened.”

But last week, Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe told The Star in an email that prosecutors were no longer actively working the criminal case.

“It is not an active investigation,” Howe said. “As in any case, if we receive additional evidence we will evaluate.”

When asked if the case had ever been reopened, Howe didn’t respond.

News surfaced in mid-March that Overland Park police took two reports at Hill’s Johnson County home, one for battery and the other for child abuse and neglect. The police reports, dated March 5 and March 14, involved a juvenile.

The Star reported on March 15 that a source familiar with the situation said an incident at Hill’s home left the boy with a broken arm.

The Star reported on April 18 that sources said the 3-year-old was removed from the custody of Hill and the boy’s mother.

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