Answer Man

These were your favorite Answer Man columns this year

2016 was the Answer Man’s 29th year of answering your questions. This year, Roger Schlueter answered a variety of questions from politics to pickles. These columns were BND readers’ favorites.

1. Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman’s love story had an unhappy ending (March 11)

2. Rifts in TV family affect reality show (August 4)

3. Channel 5 meteorologist Bree Smith now in Nashville (February 2)

4. ‘Cheyenne’s’ Clint Walker still riding tall (July 2)

5. Here’s what happens if president-elect dies before inauguration (August 11)

6. Why has KSDK’s Anne Allred been off the air (August 2)

7. When Barack Obama campaigns, you pay for some of it (November 3)

8. The truth about Muslim appointee (February 13)

9. Veteran TV reporter Betsey Bruce got her start at the University of Missouri ‘Maneater’ (March 8)

10. Being a former president is a pretty good gig (September 13)