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Salaries for employees in seven school districts added to BND Public Pay Database

The salaries and wages of more than 1,000 school employees in Belleville, Swansea and Fairview Heights have been added to the Belleville News-Democrat’s Public Pay Database.

The superintendents were the highest-paid employees in the school districts. Here are their earnings for last year, which were provided to the BND through public records requests:

Whiteside District 115 Superintendent Peggy Burke: $138,612

Pontiac-William Holliday District 105 Superintendent Julie Brown: $136,687

Signal Hill District 181 Superintendent Janice Kunz: $136,299

High Mount District 116 Superintendent Mark Halwachs: $128,554

Wolf Branch District 113 Superintendent Scott Harres: $128,450

Belle Valley District 119 Superintendent R.Dane Gale: $124,696

Harmony-Emge District 175 Superintendent Dave Deets: $97,728

Harmony-Emge and Signal Hill districts provided salary information for the calendar year, from Jan. 1, 2018-Dec. 31, 2018, while other districts provided the budget year, July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018. In each case, they are the latest figures available.

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