Man seriously injured after being trapped in tree at Belleville park following dog attack

A man suffered serious injuries overnight after spending a night trapped in a tree in Belleville’s Bicentennial Park.

According to the Belleville Fire Department, a man was found stuck in a tree Wednesday morning, Nov. 6, when a woman walking on a park trail heard him calling for help.

The 38-year-old man had climbed up the tree, approximately 4 feet off the ground, at around 8 p.m. the night before after he said a dog chased him into the tree. While up in the tree, the man’s knee became lodged in a fork of the tree, trapping him overnight.

The fire department responded to the park, where the man said he could not feel his leg. According to the department, it appeared he had suffered a “compression injury.”

Belleville Fire Chief Tom Pour said the injury was especially severe due to the lack of circulation to the man’s knee overnight.

“Due to the fact there was no circulation from the knee down, the decision was made not to free him from the tree until he could be transported immediately to surgery in order to try and save as much of the leg as possible,” a statement from the department read.

The department using a tool typically used while freeing victims for car accidents to separate the tree, freeing the man’s knee, after which he was transported via Arch air Medical Helicopter to a St. Louis area hospital.

The Belleville News-Democrat recently reached out to the Belleville Police Department in reference to a report of a dog attack in the city but have not received comment as of yet.

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