Letters to the Editor

Opinion: Readers sound off on fentanyl, township corruption, job potential of highways

Recycled judges

The BND failed to mention that the new judge sworn in St. Clair County, Alana I. Mejias, is the daughter-in-law of retired Judge Cueto. It is the same game over and over. You have the same people — judges, lawyers, and politicians in Belleville recycling their family members and friends. If you look at the judges of the 20th Judicial Circuit, they are all politically connected.

Cut recorder

Why don't St. Clair County Board members approve a county-wide referendum to merge the recorder's office with the county clerk's office?

Thinning SWIC

Southwestern Illinois College dismisses 13 administrators. Now that Georgia Costello is leaving, her legacy or “SWIC’s decline” is becoming more evident. These dismissals are just the start of 2018’s cost reductions. In 2017, the board cut 19 administrators and 47 staff positions. In 2016, SWIC paid $460K for 12 administrators to retire voluntarily. How many administrators did SWIC need to service Georgia’s ego or as they are better know, Jerry’s political friends?

Aloha, Obama

The Obama Presidential Library will cost Illinois $175 million for infrastructure. Chicago and the state are broke, so who do you think will pay for it? The usual Southern Illinois taxpayers. Would have been nice if Obama would have built his library in Hawaii. I bet big-time Democratic money-bundler J.B. Pritzker can raise the money for his buddy.

Free beer

What a wonderful day in the Eckert neighborhood — the Hofbräuhaus provided free beer and food to the Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce. Bet Eckert was first in line for the free food and beer. Hofbräuhaus Vice President of Marketing said he got really good feedback from the politicians. In Belleville, when you give the politicians free anything, you’ll get good feedback.

Uptown is down

At least 10 uptown Belleville West Main storefronts will see change next year. Ten businesses moved or went out of business, and 10 new suckers will try to make a living in uptown Belleville. Eckert only provides TIF support to big Democratic donors, and does very little to help enhance the food businesses scattered around the square. As the Belleville bar owners found out, Eckert needs tax money, and he’s coming for any business he can squeeze. Unless you work uptown, there is really no reason to go uptown.

Fleeing town

Mark Eckert has done nothing to promote, support or attract businesses downtown. Quite the opposite. Increasing fees for restaurant and bar owners was a stupid move. Mayor, Belleville is on a downward spiral that started when you took office. Residents are fleeing to communities like Shiloh or O'Fallon and businesses are following their lead. Wonder why?

Iffy TIF

It makes no sense to give away thousands of dollars in TIF money to businesses that may or may not succeed and then condemning local businesses that are surviving on the income from the gaming machines. Businesses can't pay it and they're moving out.

Too young?

In the aftermath of the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida, I am sickened by gun rights activists' recent attacks on the kids who are calling for congressional action. Emma Gonzalez, who is of Cuban descent, was called a communist and criticized for wearing a Cuban flag on her jacket. She was dismissed as being just a skinhead lesbian by a Maine legislator. David Hogg is being ridiculed as too young, naive, and hypocritical for demanding Second Amendment regulation, while claiming that being required to wear clear backpacks violates the First Amendment. Meanwhile, their messages were completely ignored. I found it interesting that former United States Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens published an op-ed piece last Tuesday calling for the full repeal of the Second Amendment. Is he too young and naive to have a valid opinion?

Corrupt again

Yet another story of East St. Louis Township corruption and thousands of tax dollars going to feed Democrats. Why wasn’t all this corruption found by state audits? Reporters with no accounting background were able to discover what the Democratic-controlled auditors couldn’t find. It’s past time to stop wasting taxpayers money on corrupt East St. Louis scum. Do away with the East St. Louis Township and East St. Louis election board. Time to put a couple of hundred people behind bars.

County corrupt

East St. Louis Township corruption surfaces, so a deep criminal audit is needed. While we are at it, a criminal audit should be performed at the St. Clair County level. County officials who continue to allow East St. Louis Township to exist are complicit in the corruption. County officials who waste $10 million a year on a loser airport instead of providing needed funding for the Sheriff's Department are criminally incompetent and politically corrupt.

Opioid action

One million dollars in fentanyl was seized in Texas this week. The three people arrested planned to ship the drug to Ohio. There was enough fentanyl to kill everyone in Toledo several times over. Remember that Democrats did not want to fund law enforcement, border enforcement or local law enforcement. President Trump signed legislation this week to stop the illegal flow of opioids into the U.S. and provided tools to help combat synthetic opioid use. Democrats want the opioid crisis to remain a political election talking point, no matter how many more people die. President Trump is doing something about it, not just providing lip service to voters.

Drug tax

The BND’s article about a Belleville man sentenced to 14 years in prison for smuggling cocaine, heroine and 12 kilograms of fentanyl from Mexico was probably overlooked by most. For the clueless, the smuggled drugs are opioids. As the article stated, there was enough fentanyl to kill 5.8 million people. When you listen to idiot politicians claiming they are suing the drug companies to end the opioid crisis, ask them if they understand there is an illegal opioid drug crisis in the United States. Opioids are flowing across the southern border. Our worthless politicians worry about talking about the opioid drug problem or war. They fear their hopes of legalizing marijuana and all its tax dollars will disappear if the true reason we have an opioid crisis is discussed.

Vote to move

The Illinois State Board of Elections is preparing for the automatic voter registration taking effect this July. Now anyone who applies for a driver's license will automatically be registered to vote. Chicago already started the process by giving illegal immigrants driver's licenses. This is to help ensure Democrats won’t lose any state representatives or elections because of the tens of thousands of taxpaying voters who are smart enough to move out of Illinois every year.

Crash warning

The highway service people should be commended in taking care of the terrible accident on Illinois 3. Traffic was blocked all the way back to Illinois 158. They had two big trucks with signs that said, "Accident ahead." I'd never seen that before and I'm sure it helped save people from further accidents.

Highway jobs

Great article in the BND about the extensive Illinois interstate system. You would think Illinois would become the manufacturing hub of the nation. However, tens of thousands of people, businesses and jobs leave Illinois every year for lower taxes and better government. As they skip town for a better life, tax revenue decreases and the Democrats are forced to tax you more. Can’t wait for J.B. Pritzker’s middle class tax increases. The Illinois interstates will be clogged with moving vans.

We're right

The BND overwhelmingly publishes the far-right, apologists and extreme slant when it comes to Sound off and opinion letters. Yes, we all have an opinion, but how about some middle ground with readers and subscribers of the BND? Even Glenn McCoy's far-right attempt at political humor is extreme. Anyone who supports this current Washington, D.C., circus act or the local Republican politicians will be heard by simply submitting a comment to the BND.

Class Act

The Mascoutah school's presentation of "Sister Act" was a successful and talent-filled event. From director to support staff and student performances, it was extremely well done. All of the parents and school administration should be proud of the fine arts department.