Letters to the Editor

Opinion: BND readers on bar fees, steel jobs, student protests

Cost savings

Bar and restaurant owners attended a special Belleville City Council meeting Wednesday to plead their case against Belleville raising annual licensing fees. They might as well have been "talking to the hand” instead of the business-ignorant board members. Remember Eckert bragging about the cost savings that would be realized when Belleville took over Belleville Township? One year later and Eckert says he needs more money because of the merger. Eckert is a useless figurehead, whose brain shuts down when you mention “cost savings.”

Out of business

Mayor Eckert was the deciding vote for raising fees on bar owners. By the time Belleville businesses start hanging their closed signs, Eckert will retire. Thanks to Eckert, more smart businesses in Belleville have been moving to Swansea, Fairview Heights or O’Fallon. Businesses were taxed out of East St. Louis by ignorant Democrats who ran out of taxpayers. Belleville is doing the same thing.

Taxpayer's time

Local students joined the national movement Wednesday, walking out of classes to protest gun ownership. I agree that additional measures need to be taken to ensure the safety of our schools and children. However, I have to wonder why the students had to protest during taxpayer-funded school time? Couldn’t the students have held protests and rallies after school?

Heads in books

All of these protests about the shooting in Florida are just boondoggles so the students can get out of class. Shame on any of the schools that facilitated the walk outs for not keeping them in school and their heads in their books. Had the protests been held after school, I really wonder if as many students would have shown up.

Union power

The United Steelworkers union backs another useless Democratic lawyer, Brendan Kelly, instead of Mike Bost. Bost and the Republicans brought the jobs back. The Democrats voted against steel jobs. But the USW union continually shows it’s not for the welfare of the worker, but for maintaining power with the Democrats.

Union pensions

The Illinois Federation of Teachers union donates millions a year to the very politicians who have left the teachers' pension fund grossly underfunded. How stupid can teachers be? Two years ago, the Olin Corp. in East Alton moved to Mississippi because the greedy union was unwilling to work with Olin. A thousand good-paying manufacturing jobs left for Mississippi. Mike Bost is helping to rebuild our local economies, while union bosses are determined to back another useless Democratic lawyer.

Vote accordingly

The March 9 BND editorial was spot on. A good living can be made producing ads for politicians every what, six months now? The United States Postal Service loves it because they have stuff to deliver. Wake up, throw your political mail ads away and examine your own life. And vote accordingly.

Blue flu

St. Clair County is one of the most unhealthy in Illinois. How can this be? It has been run by all-loving Democrats for decades. Have you ever noticed that the states that are the worst for taxes, crime, unemployment and corruption have been run by Democrats for years? Don't worry, J.B. Pritzker will save us all. But isn't he a Democrat, too?

Belleville trash

I agree with the Sound Off caller about getting rid of the trash service in Belleville. The service they provide is horrible. Half the time they leave trash and the trash cans in the street. But, Mayor Eckert and his board will never do what is best for the residents. They do what is best for them and their political agenda. Cutting the trash services means cutting jobs — patronage jobs. That will never happen. So, I think we are stuck with increased fees at least until the next election.

Hang up

I'm not a resident of Waterloo or Columbia, but I do travel on Illinois 3 frequently. If everybody slowed down, stopped using their phones and stopped running yellow lights, I think it would help eliminate the problems on not just Illinois 3 but all highways and byways.

IDOT efficiency

Shout out to IDOT for saving taxpayers' money on Illinois 15. Now, all of these barriers are back to facilitate work on the Richland Creek bridge. It could have been done while the bridge over the train tracks was in construction. Great planning, IDOT. No wonder Illinois is broke.

Double vote

Recently, in St. Clair County, a man pleaded guilty to voting twice in the same primary — once as a Democrat and once as a Republican. Do you think he would have been charged if he had voted as a Democrat twice?

Voter maps

Great opinion piece by the BND, “You should pick you politicians. They shouldn’t pick you." The gerrymandered districts are drawn in favor of electing inept politicians. These Illinois politicians have lived off the taxpayers for decades. Political districts are created that look like erratic narrow windings on a map for the express purpose of avoiding pockets of intelligence. Madigan doesn’t want intelligent politicians. Madigan likes his Democrats ignorant and corrupt. Voting districts will never change in Illinois as long as Democrats maintain control.

Wabash woes

Shame on the city of Belleville. It could have helped the lady on Wabash Avenue, fined the contractor who did not finish the work and banned him from any further work in the city. At the very least, the city could have warned the public about him. Instead, we gave more TIF money for another white elephant project which the taxpayers will pay for.

Reefer madness

I agree with Betty Feder's letter to the editor of March 22 and would like to add another bullet point. Get rid of the drugs and do not legalize marijuana as it is detrimental to everyone, especially our developing youth. It would be a good public service if the BND would cover the negative side of marijuana, especially with our youth. I would like see what our psychologists and psychiatrists have to say about it, especially how it can warp the minds of preteens and teens.

Officer balks

With the unfortunate news that the school resource officer at Stoneman-Douglas High School failed to enter the building and confront the shooter, the NRA needs to change its motto. The new motto should be: "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun; provided that they're not afraid to use it."

Pet abusers

I think people who abuse dogs, cats or any animal at all should get a minimum of two years in jail with no chance of early release. If the person is a minor, put them in juvenile detention until they have learned their lesson.

Gun card rule

Ed Tourigny’s March 15 letter misstated the Illinois rules on obtaining a Firearm Owner’s Identification card. A person under 21 can be issued a FOID card with written consent of a parent or legal guardian who is also legally able to possess firearms.

School rules

About the gun age limit, I think it should be 21. Also, I think the driving age should be raised to 21. Students should wear school uniforms from kindergarten until high school and wear identification cards around their necks. There should be guards at each entrance to the school with metal detectors. That will solve their problems.


It's 2018 — would somebody please tell me why, when I order fast food through a drive-through window, it still feels like I'm ordering into the belly of a 1970's clown? Can't they improve their systems a little bit?

Drive to net

Mizzou lost to Florida State in the first round of the 2018 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament; probably due to alcohol. It's unfortunate that their leading scorer chose to drink and drive instead of preparing for the game. His suspension from Friday night's game and the loss of his average points per game made a huge difference.

Families fix it

St. Louis leaders are meeting to find ways to stop violence and improve lives in St. Louis. I never hear about attempts to curb one of the major factors, the "baby daddy" culture. Journalists, Walter E. Williams, Thomas Sowell, and Larry Elder, have pointed out the poverty rate for married black families has been in the single digits for over 30 years but single black families have a poverty rate of almost 30 percent and statistics say that children are more likely to use tobacco, alcohol and drugs, have problems with authority, issues in school, low self-esteem, live in poverty, and more likely to suffer physical or sexual abuse. If you want less crime in the future, we need to stop providing incentives for single women, of all races, to have children.