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Father of dead Belleville girl faces 33 additional charges in Nevada

Jason Quate
Jason Quate

Jason Quate, the man who admitted to killing his daughter and concealing the body in a Centreville garage, was charged with 33 additional counts Friday in Nevada.

Quate has been charged with five counts of sexual assault against a child younger than 14, 21 counts of lewdness with a child younger than 14, one count of committing open or gross lewdness with a child younger than 18 and six counts of child abuse and neglect, two involving severe mental or bodily harm.

Quate was previously charged with sex-trafficking of an adult, accepting and receiving the earnings of a prostitute and possessing child pornography.

In total, Quate faces 36 charges in Nevada. He was also charged with concealing a homicidal death in Illinois, as was his wife, Elizabeth Quate.

The body of their daughter, 6-year-old Alysha Quate, was found in a garage in Centreville on June 6 after Elizabeth Quate told Las Vegas police her husband had killed one of their children in Belleville and hidden the body several years ago. Elizabeth Quate also told police her husband abused her and forced her to prostitute herself.

Police went to the Quates’ home in Las Vegas, where they found a “disturbing scene” of Jason Quate with his two daughters, who were both pantless on separate matrresses in the apartment. They both showed signs of physical abuse. An examination of one of the daughters revealed signs of sexual abuse. The children were not currently enrolled in school.

Jason Quate admitted to killing his daughter and hiding the body in an interview with detectives. In a media interview, he has said she accidentally choked on food that was in her mouth. Elizabeth Quate told her parents in a phone call that Alysha choked after Jason Quate hit the child.

Jason Quate told police the scars on his surviving daughters were from punishments, such as hitting them on the buttocks with extension chords and belts. He said sometimes the girls moved and caused him to hit other parts of their bodies.

During interviews with investigators, the girls said their mother, who they referred to as their “other parent,” did not live with them and she only visited during the day.

An autospy was peformed on Alysha’s body, but investigators have not yet been unable to determine a cause of death due to the deterioated condition of the body. St. Clair County Coroner Calvin Dye Sr. said further tests need to be done.

Jason and Elizabeth Quate remained in custody Friday in Las Vegas.

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