These are the new principals and superintendents working in your kids’ school

Geoff Schwalenberg is the new principal at Douglas School in Belleville District 118.
Geoff Schwalenberg is the new principal at Douglas School in Belleville District 118.

Several metro-east schools are under new leadership this year.

Here are the new superintendents and principals who will be working in your child’s school:

Editor’s note: Schools not listed did not respond to requests for information by press time.

St. Clair County

Belleville 118

Westhaven Elementary Principal Kelly Harter

▪  Salary: $85,990

▪  Last post: West Junior High dean of students

Douglas Elementary Principal Geoff Schwalenberg

▪  Salary: $92,145

▪  Last post: Westhaven Elementary principal

Belle Valley 119

Belle Valley Elementary Principal Cindy Callahan

▪  Salary: $87,000

▪  Last post: Belle Valley Elementary assistant principal

Superintendent R.Dane Gale

▪  Salary: $122,000

▪  Last post: Bartelso Elementary 57 superintendent and principal

Brooklyn 188

Superintendent and Principal Ronald Ferrell

▪  Salary: $100,000

▪  Last post: St. Louis’ Confluence Elite Academy principal

Cahokia 187

Maplewood Elementary Principal Kristi Schroeder

▪  Salary: $87,962.49

▪  Last post: Cahokia High assistant principal

Central 104

Superintendent Dawn Elser

▪  Salary: $107,000

▪  Last post: Central Elementary principal

Central Elementary Principal Jered Weh

▪  Salary: $98,970

▪  Last post: Joseph Arthur Middle School principal

Joseph Arthur Middle Principal Tron Young

▪  Salary: $92,000

▪  Last post: Centralia Junior High principal

Dupo 196

Superintendent Kelly Carpenter

Kelly Carpenter is Dupo District 196’s new superintendent. Tim Vizer

▪  Salary: $131,000

▪  Last post: Collinsville 10 assistant superintendent

Bluffview Elementary Principal Victoria White

▪  Salary: $90,000

▪  Last post: Maplewood Elementary principal

East St. Louis 189

Lincoln Middle Principal Maria White-Burton

▪  Salary: $104,522

▪  Last post: Dr. Katie Harper Wright Elementary principal

Vivian Adams Early Childhood Center Director Tifani Brown

▪  Salary: $90,000

▪  Last post: Officer Elementary assistant principal

East St. Louis Senior High Principal Justin Moore

Derik Holtmann

▪  Salary: $135,000

▪  Last post: St. Louis Public Schools’ Fresh Start Academy principal

Dr. Katie Harper-Wright Elementary Principal Kiaundra Smith

▪  Salary: $85,000

▪  Last post: Lincoln Middle assistant principal

Freeburg 77

Superintendent Greg Frerking

Derik Holtmann

▪  Salary: $111,300

▪  Last post: Freeburg High principal

Harmony-Emge 175

Emge Junior High Principal Dave Deets

▪  Salary: $89,177

▪  Last post: Ellis Elementary principal (Deets will continue serving as Harmony Intermediate Center principal in the 2017-18 school year.)

Ellis Elementary Principal Terri Kraemer

▪  Salary: $68,631

▪  Last post: Ellis Elementary assistant principal

High Mount 116

High Mount Elementary Principal George Wilkerson

▪  Salary: $82,500

▪  Last post: Red Bud Elementary assistant principal

Marissa 40

Marissa Elementary Principal Lacey Schmersahl

▪  Salary: $67,626

▪  Last post: Belleville 118’s Central Junior High dean of students

Mascoutah 19

Mascoutah High Principal Brandon Woodrome

▪  Salary: $100,000

▪  Last post: Mascoutah High assistant principal

Our Lady Queen of Peace

Principal Michelle Tidwell

▪  Last post: Our Lady Queen of Peace eighth-grade teacher

Shiloh 85

Shiloh Middle Principal Darin Loepker

▪  Salary: $84,000 (including 9 percent Teacher Retirement System contribution)

▪  Last post: High Mount Elementary principal

Shiloh Elementary Principal Tiana Montgomery

▪  Salary: $84,000 (including 9 percent Teacher Retirement System contribution)

▪  Last post: Alton 11’s North Elementary principal

Smithton 130

Superintendent Ryan Wamser

Ryan Wamser is Smithton District 130’s new superintendent. Steve Nagy

▪  Salary: $107,000

▪  Last post: St. Clair County assistant regional superintendent

St. Clare School

Principal Clarice McKay

▪  Last post: St. Clare School eighth-grade teacher

Madison County

Alton 11

North Elementary Principal Heather Johnson

▪  Salary: $87,072

▪  Last post: Lewis & Clark Junior High principal

Collinsville 10

Caseyville Elementary and Jefferson Elementary Principal Chelsea Clark

▪  Salary: $71,000

▪  Last post: Caseyville Elementary special education teacher

Hollywood Heights Elementary Principal Kari Karidis

▪  Salary: $86,103.48

▪  Last post: Collinsville High School assistant principal (Karidis will retain some of her duties as assistant principal in the 2017-18 school year.)

Edwardsville 7

Cassens Elementary Principal Tanya Patton

▪  Salary: $91,000

▪  Last post: Nelson Elementary principal

Columbus Elementary Principal Julie Matarelli

▪  Salary: $71,000

▪  Last post: Edwardsville High assistant principal

Nelson Elementary Principal Andrew Gipson

▪  Salary: $65,000

▪  Last post: Liberty Middle band teacher and administrative intern

Father McGivney Catholic High

Principal Joe Lombardi

▪  Last post: Belleville West High teacher, science department chair