Get to know the candidates running to represent Southern Illinois in the 2018 election

In November, voters will decide who they want representing them in Washington, D.C., in Springfield and on county boards.

Among the offices voters are scheduled to elect are governor, attorney general, state representative, state senator, U.S. representative, judge and county government positions.

On this page, you can see what candidates in competitive primary elections had to say in various questionnaires as well in articles about some of the races. Some candidates have yet to return questionnaires and the page will be updated as their responses come in.

The election is Nov. 6.

Illinois 12th Congressional District

Mike Bost, of Murphysboro (Republican)

Brendan Kelly, of Swansea (Democrat)

Randy Auxier, of Murphysboro (Green)

New attack ads by Bost, Kelly campaigns bend the truth, fact check shows

Bost used $91,000 in taxpayer-funded postage in 2017 - tops among Illinois reps

Kelly says Congress needs new leaders. Bost asks why he’s taking old leaders’ money

As GOP attacks his handling of sex assault cases, victims say Kelly got them justice

Bost, Kelly neck-and-neck with less than a month to go. Will Green Party play spoiler?

12th congressional candidates spar in debate

Trump says ‘Bost is going to win big,’ criticizes Brendan Kelly at Southern Illinois stop

Biden backs Kelly, Prizker. ‘It’s all about character.’ They ‘have that character.’

Illinois 13th Congressional District

Rodney Davis, of Taylorville (Republican)

Betsy Dirksen Londrigan, of Springfield (Democrat)

Davis disputes opponent Londrigan’s ad about prescription drug prices. Who is right?

Davis campaigns with Paul Ryan; Londrigan meets with seniors

Illinois 15th Congressional District

John Shimkus, of Collinsivlle (Republican)

Kevin Gaither, of Charleston (Democrat)

Illinois State Rep. District 107

Blaine Wilhour, of Beecher City (Republican)

David Seiler, of Effingham (Democratic)

Illinois State Rep. District 111

Mike Babcock, of Bethalto (Republican)

Monica Bristow, of Godfrey (Democrat)

Illinois State Rep. District 112

Dwight Kay, of Glen Carbon (Republican)

Katie Stuart, of Edwardsville (Democrat)

Illinois State Rep. District 113

Doug Jameson, of Belleville (Republican)

Jay Hoffman, of Swansea (Democrat)

Illinois State Rep. District 114

Jason Madlock, of Centreville (Republican)

LaToya Greenwood, of East St. Louis (Democrat)

Illinois State Rep. District 116

David Friess, of Red Bud (Republican)

Jerry Costello II, of Smithton (Democrat)

Alderman missed more than half of 2017 City Council meetings. Now he wants to be state rep.

Costello and Friess both issue fact checks. Neither can agree on what the facts are.

Illinois State Senate District 54

Jason Plummer, of Edwardsville (Republican)

Brian Stout, of Vandalia (Democrat)

Illinios State Senate District 56

Rachelle Aud Crowe, of Glen Carbon (Democrat)

Hal Patton, of Edwardsville (Downstate United)

Illinois State Senate District 57

Tanya Hildenbrand, of Belleville (Republican)

Christopher Belt, of Cahokia (Democrat)

Illinois Governor

Bruce Rauner (Republican)

J.B. Pritzker (Democrat)

Kash Jackson (Libertarian)

Sam McCann (Conservative)

Criticized for removing toilets and getting a steep tax break, Pritzker says he wants to move on

Rauner shows confidence, despite trailing in polls

Illinois Attorney General

Erika Harold (Republican)

Kwame Raoul (Democrat)

Bubba Harsy (Libertarian)

Illinois Comptroller

Darlene Senger (Republican)

Susana Mendoza (Democrat)

Claire Ball (Libertarian)

Illinois Treasurer

Jim Dodge (Republican)

Mike Frerichs (Democrat)

Mike Leheney (Libertarian)

Illinois Secretary of State

Jason Helland (Republican)

Jesse White (Democrat)

Steve Dutner (Libertarian)

St. Clair County Candidates

St. Clair County Clerk

Duane Henson (Republican)

Thomas “Tom” Holbrook (Democrat)

St. Clair County Treasurer

Philip Kammann (Republican)

Andrew Lopinot (Democrat)

St. Clair County Sheriff

Nicholas “Nick” Gailius (Republican)

Richard “Rick” Watson (Democrat)

St. Clair County Board of Review

Phillip “Phil” W. Henning (Republican)

Michael Crockett, Jr. (Democrat)

St. Clair County Board District 1

C. Catherine Demers, of Collinsville (Republican)

Robert Allen, Jr., of Fairmont City (Democrat)

St. Clair County Board District 7

Ed Cockrell, of New Athens (Republican)

Melinda “Mindy” Schneidewind, of Marissa (Democrat)

St. Clair County Board District 8

Deborah Brennan, of Belleville (Republican)

Ken Easterley, of Belleville (Democrat)

St. Clair County Board District 10

Cindi McDonald, of Belleville (Republican)

Paul Seibert, of Belleville (Democrat)

St. Clair County Board District 11

Nicholas J. Wiesbrock, of Belleville (Republican)

Jerry Dinges, of Belleville (Democrat)

St. Clair County Board District 12

Kevin Wallace, of Belleville (Republican)

Susan Gruberman, of Belleville (Democrat)

St. Clair County Board District 13

Steve Reeb, of Shiloh (Republican)

Cheryl Newsome, of Belleville (Democrat)

St. Clair County Board District 14

Albert Meints Hampton, of Swansea (Republican)

Bob Trentman, of Belleville (Democrat)

St. Clair County Board District 19

Daniel J. Weidenbenner, of Belleville (Republican)

Jana Armstrong Moll, of Belleville (Democrat)

St. Clair County Board District 20

Kevin Dawson, of Mascoutah (Republican)

Donna Cameron, of Mascoutah (Democrat)

St. Clair County Board District 21

Bert “Dean” Pruett, of Freeburg (Republican)

Frank “F.X.” Heiligenstein, of Freeburg (Democrat)

St. Clair County Board District 23

Fred C. Boch, of O’Fallon (Republican)

Richie Meile, of O’Fallon (Democrat)

St. Clair County Board District 27

Matthew Stirrup, of Fairview Heights (Republican)

Kenneth G. Sharkey, of Fairview Heights (Democrat)

St. Clair County Board District 28

Kurt Schutz, of Fairview Heights (Republican)

Scott Greenwald, of Fairview Heights (Democrat)

Madison County

Madison County Clerk

Stephen J. Adler (Republican)

Debbie Ming-Mendoza (Democrat)

Madison County Treasurer

Chris Slusser (Republican)

Christopher L. Miller (Democrat)

Madison County Regional Office of Education Superintendent

Robert Werden (Republican)

Andrew Paul Reinking (Democrat)

Madison County Board District 5

Mick Madison, of Bethalto (Republican)

Jessica Ellison Thomas, of Alton (Democrat)

Madison County Board District 6

Raymond E. Wesley, of Alton (Republican)

Dustin Hudson, of Godfrey (Democrat)

Madison County Board District 10

Tim Smith, of Alton (Republican)

Bruce Malone, of Alton (Democrat)

Joshua Young, of Alton (Green)

Madison County Board District 11

Dalton Gray, of Troy (Republican)

Frederick Faust, of Edwardsville (Democrat)

Madison County Board District 13

James D. Futrell, of East Alton (Republican)

Matthew King, of East Alton (Democrat)

Madison County Board District 14

Tom McRae, of Bethalto (Republican)

Timothy Tweedy, of Bethalto (Democrat)

Madison County Board District 15

Chrissy Dutton, of Bethalto (Republican)

Michael Sabolo, Jr., of Wood River (Democrat)

Madison County Board District 16

Chris Hankins, of Pontoon Beach (Democrat)

Susan Presswood, of Granite City (Independent)

Madison County Board District 21

John “Eric” Foster, of Granite City (Republican)

Arthur Asadorian, of Granite City (Democrat)

Madison County Board District 25

Chris Guy, of Maryville (Republican)

Michael Bartsch, of Maryville (Democrat)

Madison County Board District 27

Clint Jones, of Maryville (Republican)

M. Joe Semanisin, of Maryville (Democrat)

Madison County Board District 28

Nancy Moss, of Collinsville (Republican)

Elizabeth “Liz” Dalton, of Collinsville (Democrat)

Judicial candidates

Appellate Court Fifth Judicial District (to replace Richard Goldenhersch)

David K. Overstreet (Republican)

Kevin T. Hoerner (Democrat)

20th Judicial Circuit (to replace Jan Fiss)

Katherine Ruocco (Republican)

Heinz Rudolf (Democrat)

20th Circuit (to replace Vincent Lopinot)

Paul Evans (Republican)

John J. O’Gara (Democrat)

20th Circuit (to replace Robert LeChien)

Laninya Cason (Republican)

Chris Kolker (Democrat)

Third Circuit (to replace Barbara Crowder)

Mark Rabe (Republican)

Sarah Smith (Democrat)

Third Circuit (to replace John B. Barberis)

David Dugan (Republican)

Marc Parker (Democrat)